Cadets of Feuerwehr Wetzen

The cadets department was founded in 2005. Currently, they are 5 members and the both leaders. Training takes place at every second Fridays at 7 pm. The trainings include the complete knowledge of firefighting and fire protection. At the end, the cadets can pass the certificates “Jugendflamme eins” and “Jugendflamme zwei” as well as the medal “Leistunsspange”.

Every year the cadets take part in the competition “Bundeswettbewerb”. In years with low staff this is only possible if our cadets work together with the cadets departments from the neighbour town.

There is also a tent camp once a year where our cadets camp together with the departments from other villages from the same area “Landkreis Lüneburg”.

The cadets regularly join the “Feuerwehrmarsch” competition. In this competition, stopping points are installed along a walking distance, where firefighting knowledge is tested, for example with questions.

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