Who We Are

After a rainy day with lightning and thunder, which in autumn 1934 caused the fire of a hut, the fire-brigade Wetzen was founded. In order to prevent fires in the future, twenty-two helpers and a Fischer-Görlitz water pump, transported on a simple trailer, were the beginning of our efforts to save the village.

Today, 87 years later, we work with 7 young cadets, 48 active volunteers and 15 senior staff members. Now, with twice as many members as in 1934, our village is well prepared.

Because of many trainings and certificates in the central training center of Lower Saxony in Celle, in the training center in Scharnebeck near Lüneburg, and the training in our village, we have the knowlage to be prepared for all emergencies in our village. We are also part of “second unit” structue of the local community, Feuerwehr Amelinghausen to help them with there emergencies if needed.

As part of the culture we orgcanize many events in our village every year. These are things like Osterfeuer at Easter, village festivals, Laternenumzüge, Kameradschaftsabende and the quiz evening Preisskat or Knobeln.